White Rock Leisure Farm

White Rock Leisure Farm
White Rock Leisure Farm is located in Baishihu Community on Bishan Road, Neihu. It has the four functions of leisure, education, production and experience. It was registered as a leisure farm by the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan in August 2010. The most unique and beautiful outdoor recreation park with farm landscape of Neihu Baishihu Community.

▼Natural ecological park full of greenery

The farm is located at the foothills of Baishihu Mountain, with an area of ​​about 3,800 square meters. The upstream of the river flows is next to the source of clear water. The scenery is beautiful, and phytoncide and anions are sufficient. The owner of the farm has been engaged in organic farming for more than 30 years. He has planted special plants on the flat land, and planted grapefruit, fruits and vegetables on the slope. Most of the rest are native forest areas. The forest ferns are luxuriant. The park has Cyathea lepifera, Taiwan cyathea spinulosa, Luchu Tree-fern, Cyathea metteniana, Angiopterisfokiensis Hieron of fern and fern allies, and others including the Taiwan Golden-rain Tree and thedeciduous cypressare the characteristics of the farm. The number of deciduous cypressin the entire area is the largest and most widely planted in the northern private field, making the landscape of the park endlessly changing throughout the year.

There are forest trails such as Jurassic Trail, Yuxiang Trail, Vanilla Trail, Myrtle Trail, etc. There are also large and small lotus ponds containing various small creatures, meditation stones for meditation, and the platform for provide various art performance.

▼Another 2,000 square meters of hinterland where organic fruits and vegetables are grown

It is about 800 meters away from the White Rock Leisure Farm and has a supporting hinterland of about 2,000 square meters. It is certified as a kindly organic farm. It produces organic strawberries, figs(Ficus carica), and local seasonal fruits and vegetables. In addition, there is planned a citizen farm to provide citizens from weeding, soil preparation, seeding, watering, fertilizing, pest control, and harvesting, experience the plant growth process and learn about organic vegetable cultivation.

▼The best place for the traditional arts and ecosystem education
The park is equipped with a variety of space facilities to provide local and traditional arts and literature workers for performing and DIY teaching. There are many kinds of special plants in the farm, and teaching can be provided. Vanilla plants can make biscuits, vanilla tea, and early Taiwanese snacks such as strawberry jam and mouse cake. It is a good place to experience the wild fun in the countryside. We also plan a variety of recreational agricultural experience activities, so that both older and younger children in the city can get close to nature and fall in love with this organic farm full of ecological conservation.

▼Visit the wisdom of ancestors and promote rural kitchens
In order to experience the traditional cuisine taught by the ancestors, understand the culture of soy sauce vat, incorporate organic local ingredients, present with the elements of a natural friendly environment, combined with modern leisure and tourism, and taste the original fresh-picked food ingredients, White Rock Leisure Farm vigorously promote the teaching of rural kitchens, hoping that Taiwanese, Chinese and foreign tourists visiting the farm can learn the oldest and most distinctive traditional rural cuisine.

Contact information:

Location: No. 58, Bishan Road, Neihu District, Taipei City

Phone: 02-2794-3131, 0921-422986

Business hours: 10:00-17:00, closed every Monday and Tuesday

Website: https://www.whiterockfarm.com.tw/

Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/whiterock58/

Traffic Guidline:

By Car: From Section 3 of Neihu Road, turn right to Bishan Road and turn right to No.56 Bishan Road. You can also turn to Bixi Road from Section 2 of Zhishan Road and turn left to Bishan Road at Dalunweishan intersection. There are indicators along the way into Bishan Road.

By Bus: Take the MRT to Neihu Station and get off at the Neihu Station. Turn right after exiting No. 1. Go to the end of the first alley and turn left. At Bihu Elementary School Station (in front of The local guardian god temple), take bus 2 to No. 58 Bishan Road (White Rock Leisure Farm, Baishi 58 Manor)